SIGNING music eBook

SIGNING music eBook

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All six original tunes from "Signing" as sheet music in one 81-page PDF eBook
Get the PDF sheet music collection with ($49.90) or without ($44.90) the MP3 audio of the official album release.

Signing (Joe Locke)
The Lost Lenore (Joe Locke)
Darth Alexis
(Geoffrey Keezer)
Her Sanctuary (Joe Locke)
Terraces (Geoffrey Keezer)
This Is Just To Say (Joe Locke)

Signing chartsThe Lost LenoreDarth Alexis by Geoffrey Keezer from ''Signing''Her Sanctuary sheet musicTerracesThis Is Just To Say - lead sheet

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Joe Locke / Wire Walker Music, BMI
Geoffrey Keezer / Keezer Music, BMI

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