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Motéma Collection

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Special package deal to celebrate Motéma's 10th anniversary:
download Joe Locke's latest three complete albums (320bit mp3) - Signing, Wish Upon A Star and Lay Down My Heart - all on Motéma Music
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Joe Locke Signing downloads Joe Locke - Wish Upon A Star Joe Locke - Lay Down My Heart digital album download

Joe Locke on Motéma

Signing tracks:
Signing, The Lost Lenore, Darth Alexis, Naima, Hide And Seek, Her Sanctuary, Terraces, This Is Just To Say
featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Geoffrey Keezer (piano), Terreon Gully (drums), Mike Pope (bass)

Wish Upon A Star tracks:
Available In Blue, When You Wish Upon A Star, Sword Of Whispers, Where Is Love?, Moon River, The Moon For Her
featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Ryan Cohan (piano), Lorin Cohen (bass), Carmen Intorre (drums), Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra w/ Music Director Edward Polochick

Lay Down My Heart tracks:
Ain't No Sunshine, Broken Toy, Bittersweet, I Can't Make You Love Me, The Meaning Of The Blues, Simone, This New October, Makin' Whoopee, Dedicated To You
featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Ryan Cohan (piano), Jaimeo Brown (drums), David Finck (bass)

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